Friday, 11 May 2012

German Heavy Metal Hammers the British

Now I'm not busy with the Hawker Typhoon build, I can post some pictures of our last Kampfgruppe Normandy game which was played way back on Anzac Day.
My opponent the Rajah said he didn't want any artillery in this game apart from AT guns- rats.
The battle showed that fighting through bocage country against Germans lying in wait is very difficult and costly for allied armour in particular. It also demonstrated that I could have been far more aggressive in my use of infantry, with my British sections proving more resilient than expected. It also highlighted why the British relied so heavily on stonks to soften the enemy.
Our troops were brought on over three turns using the escalation concept. After setting up the table we diced for who would get choice of starting position- the Rajah won and chose the end closest to the village, this allowed him to rush his extra recce troops in and establish a firm foothold. By the time the British were getting close enough for an assault the Germans, including their heavy armour were well ensconced in the village.
The Germans did horrendous damage to my armour and my dice rolls for my AT guns & AFVs were shocking. I did manage to blow up a Schwimwagen with my 3" mortar as part of a building collapsed on it. I also managed to wipe out his recce infantry who were holding the garage & occupy the building. Overall it was a victory to the Germans, largely because of the mass destruction they caused to my armour.

Hoping for a KGN game soon with my son fielding his newly raised US force against Rajah's Jerries, & me as umpire/adjudicator.
Here are some pictures from the game, hope you enjoy them.

German End
British End
British Recce Section approaches cautiously
White Scout Car does a recce
Recce Section
Puma rushes towards the village
Looking down the main street
German Recce Schwimwagen
German recce speeds along
Recce section
Scout car finds some cover behind the bocage
Approaching the crossroads
More Germans take position
Crossroads are covered by Pumas
German Squad fords the stream
German recce squad park up & find a position behind hedge
Support arrives, Loyd carrier with 6pdr
British sections move up

British Platoon HQ section
British move up along the hedge line

Taking cover in the bocage

Forward Observers call in some 3" Mortar rounds

Mortar fires....
...and blows up the Schwimwagen.

British bring on extra support
Shermans, 17pdr & more infantry

6pdr covers the road, but the Germans won't come out to play
German 'Eavy Metal prepares to exterminate my tanks
Germans position panzerschreck to cover the approaches

Pumas fall back on the garage to avoid my guns

British occupy the bocage, but nowhere through for their tanks.

Churchill squeezes through on the flank to support the infantry.

British attempt to bring up 17pdrs on either side of the road, here...

...and here.

Germans occupy the old coach house and the garage.

Also the big house on the other side of the crossroads

A standoff until the British decide to break cover and fire shots up the road.

The shermans loose of several shots but none hit their targets. The Firefly is swiftly dealt with. 

The Achilles has a go at the Panther, but the dice are woeful. The Panther's reply takes out the Achilles.

The British sections make a dash for it under a hail of bullets.

One brave British section worked its way from bocage to church and then stormed the garage, and won.

The Shermans attempt a breakthrough into the village up the main road.

Both 17pdrs are deployed with a view up the main road- to no avail. Instead another Sherman goes up in flames...

...and then the last one.

These brave lads took a couple of casualties & became suppressed by the withering fire of German MGs coming from top story window.

At this point we called it a night. Victory to the Germans I'd say, although the Rajah did pick up some quite high morale chits. Tricky stuff that dense bocage country, especially against Germans in a decent defensive situation.
I hope you enjoyed this AAR- give KGN ago if you can, it's great fun.



  1. Great AAR. Bocage is a tricky terrain to deal with and of course the defender has all the advantage.

    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Paul. Very true about the terrain, I hope I get to use my 25pdrs in the next game though as this may help.

  2. Looking real good!

    Had I been the comanding officer for the Germans, I would have given the commander of the German Scout Car a slap in the neck afterwards for parking it besides a petrol pump though! ;)

    1. Cheers. Yeah it did look a bit funny the puma squeezed in near the petrol pump- perhaps the desparate Germans had already plundered all the available fuel & knew it was no risk?

  3. Great looking game Sarge. Looks like the Tommies had a real hard time of things!

    1. Thanks Steve, yes, I was very frustrated by some of my poor dice rolls, but it was still heaps of fun.

  4. Great AAR John. Very... attractive! Good paced narrative too. Well done.

    1. Thanks mate- I think I get more excited about the visual appeal and the story-telling elements of wargaming than anything else.

  5. Sumptuous miniatures and scenery mate, what a game!

  6. Bit by bit, it became great!
    I am eagerly expecting to see the Yankees flow in the hedgerows....
    Great AAR!


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