Saturday, 28 July 2012

Another KGN AAR- A Rots Scenario

We had a great game today down at the Church Hall- heaps more room than at my place. We introduced our friend David to Kampfgruppe Normandy, and he had a great time- and not just because he won.
I based it loosely on the Commandos at Rots scenario in Kampfgruppe Normandy. We didn't have all the things on the list in the book, but managed to substitute an approximation- plus we added in some artillery for a bit of extra firepower.
In the end the British won, despite losing two Shermans and having a whole section wiped out by an artillery stonk.
We got to use the British Commandos for the first time, well my first comlete section anyway; David handled them well & managed to storm the village Church, driving out a German force- well done Commandos.
The Germans had some unfortunate dice rolls and often lacked enough activations to really get momentum. Even their Tiger tank failed to take out a Churchill tank when it had the chance to shoot it in the flank. Amazingly a Sherman managed to take down a Panther, and another Sherman sent a German squad packing with its bow & co-axial MGs.
The cows are used for objective markers- the majority of which were captured & held by the British.

I hope you enjoy some pictures from our game:

Cow objective marker on the bridge.

Two Panthers & German squads await the British onslaught

Helmut,the Forward Observer,makes his way to his hiding place in the Jean De Arc Cafe.

Churchills & infantry attempt a sneaky crossing of the stream.

British reinforcements

Shermans squeezing around the German flank

Here come the Commandos

Sherman takes out a Panther!

The Commandos prepare to storm the Church.

Churchill commander lurks behind the buildings- he will call in a deadly artillery stonk.

Shermans, or is that Ronsons?

More British infantry reinforcements- a sticky end awaits them...

British section dashes across the open ground for cover.

After taking casualties this British section retires to the relative shelter of the bridge. Also giving them the objective.

The lone Tiger, unfortunately no kills today...

British section takes shelter from the Tiger behind these hedges.

British infantry section wiped out by direct hit & Churchill is supressed

Vintage German artillery assets

Artillery Stonk takes out another Panther & AT gun

The German Morale Chits

The British Morale Chits

Your comments & questions are welcome.


  1. Very cool game, fantastic setup. Well done John!

  2. Thanks mate. We were really happy with the extra space afforded by using our Church multi-purpose room.

  3. Nice... As always Sarge.

    But you know you will soon want Russians... Give in now...

    Actually, just started on BGN last week... You will like the 'Panzer Ersatz' list.

    1. Nah, no Russians for me at this stage, but I have pre-ordered BGK.
      I think my friend the Rajah, will really appreciate the Panzer Ersatz list- he has already made a start.

  4. Great AAR John, really nice eye candy all around and the Matchbox guns a surprising find on the table!

    Well done

    1. Cheers Paul. The old guns belong to my friend the Rajah- he has a very interesting German collection, new purchases plus old stuff that he's had since his youth make for a unique combination.

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Dan. Just working on getting the basing done for those Commandos you did for me- photos in the next few days I hope.

  6. Excellent setup, fantastic AAR! Nice that you found another player to play along!

  7. That´s why I love this hobby - model, paint, play the game! Great pictures, seems it was a pretty nice game. I want more of this :-)

    1. Thanks Kukuruza. Some blokes just enjoy the games but I really enjoy the modelling & painting side of things too.


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