Saturday, 4 August 2012

Commandos From Dan

G'day, I have finally finished basing up the British Commandos that Dan Dunbar sent me as part of a prize I won from a competition run on his blog. Thanks Dan you are a top bloke- I am also looking forward to a Centaur tank conversion that Dan is finishing for me.
I have attempted to base up the Dan section in the same style as mine & have taken photos of them as a separate group as well as mixed in with my existing Commandos. Dan's Commandos are all plastic figures using a variety of manufacturers including PSC, Italeri & Revell- as well as some great greenstuff berets. Enjoy the pictures, & thanks again Dan :)

First, Dan's Commando conversions with my basing:

Now, mixed group shots of Dan's Commandos & the ones I finished a couple of weeks ago:

Interesting side by side comparison of same pose. Dan's on left.

Could have taken some extra group shots & mixed it up a bit more, but was keen to get these up on the blog. None of these miniatures have had any varnish as yet, eventually I will hit them with some Testors Dullcoat.
I am currently working on some more Battlefield/Blitz Commandos plus some more plastic conversions (head swaps basically).
More posts to come soon, I have pictures of my first section of British Combat Engineers (finally finished); WIP shots of my Blitzkreig Miniatures Staghound A/C; & pictures of my finished squadron of Churchill tanks. Stay tuned.


  1. very nice good to see a nice mix of figs there.

  2. Thanks Gowan. I am all for using a mixture of figures, metal or plastic.

  3. Very cool, they mix in well, only the webbing is a differant colour, what colour do you use? , and where do you get the flowers from, they are great, really adds that something to the base.

  4. Thanks Dan. Like most of my painting, the webbing involves a few stages: light grey undercoat, base colour Vallejo Russian Uniform, a brown wash (Vallejo or Secret Weapon), Vallejo Green Grey, final highlight Derivan Minis Webbing Green (although Vallejo Pastel Green would probably be just as good). The flowers & tufts are mostly Silflor Minatur stuff- majority are sourced from Antenocitis Workshop website. AW's postage can be a bit steep to Australia, but their prices are so good that it kind of evens itself out IMO.

  5. Nice work. Dan is very kind. Nice mixture of figures. :)

    1. He sure is T. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Outstanding as ever John!


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