Saturday, 29 March 2014

Recent Work - 'Nam, Modern Russians & FJs

I've been doing some recent commission work for Mathew at Wartime Miniatures, and thought I would share some pictures.
The photos of the finished figures aren't as fancy as I would normally take, just some pics from the work table.
Some of the figures were a new experience for me, I'm not used to painting anything past WW2, and on this occasion there were figures for Vietnam War, Modern day Russians, as well as Ardennes Fallschirmjagers.

Australians for Vietnam War:

Peoples Army of Vietnam:

Modern Russians:

Ardennes Fallschirmjagers:

All figures are 20mm metal from Wartime Miniatures ranges.


  1. These look totally kick arse John. The VN poses are outstanding.

    Good skills!

    1. Cool! Really glad you liked them Paul, particularly as you have more idea about these modern era things than me :-)

  2. Good stuff John. Very "open for business"!

    1. Cheers mate. I've been getting a steady stream of commissions of late which is great. :-)
      Helps me to still have a hobby while I'm not working at a regular job.


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