Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zvezda 88, tow, & some Miniatures For Sale

First up, the German 88mm from Zvezda. A very useful kit, recommended:

I was quite pleased with how the weathering turned out - not too heavy, not too light.

It may not be particularly noticeable, but the crew have had some acrylic modelling
paste added to trousers to help disguise the jackboots and give the impression of gaiters.
I thought this was more in keeping with the late war 1944 theme of my collection.

It is mounted on the base that is part of the kit, but options are provided for it to be based
Next up some towing equipment for the 88. These were gifted to me by my friend Nick Grant from New Zealand, and he had received them in turn from another bloke. They were originally based and painted up to be used for a winter campaign, I have repainted them and re-done the bases. I'm not sure what make they are - Airfix? Hasegawa? I'm sure someone will know. There was an 88 that came with them which I have also repainted.

Nice and dusty from scooting along the Normandy lanes.

Finally I have some stuff to sell. I am planning to gradually re-jig (the technical term), my British forces and will over time be selling off some stuff - yes it will be replaced, just with different stuff.
For sale at this stage of proceedings will be 20 figures, fully painted and based, from a variety of manufacturers, for only $90 Australian plus postage & packing at cost, payable by Paypal. This works out at only $4.50 per figure, and does not include the cost of the figures themselves - I charge $4.50 per figure for commission painting.
Here they are then, figures from TQD, Wartime Miniatures, Kelly's Heroes, Britannia, & Plastic Soldier Company:


  1. Fairly fantastic work John. Great attention to detail all around.

    The tractor is a Airfix job I reckon.

    1. I thought you might know what make it was Paul :-)
      Glad you liked it all.

  2. Nicely done all around. You did a great job converting the 88 crew to late war. I hope those British figures find a good home.

    1. Cheers Mike for the encouragement.
      I hope so too :-)

  3. Very nice 88, agree you've got the weathering spot on. Unusual to see a kit where the crew are interacting so well with the gun as well.

    1. Thanks Alan. Yes Zvezda do some really fine sets, if only more of their stuff was suited to late war.

  4. Great stuff John. You've really done Andy's tractor proud.

    I'd love to get hold of one of those Zvezda 88s. One of their Art of Tactic or whatever it's called, right? Couple of those bad boys dominating the table would make great objectives.

    1. Thanks mate! :-)
      Yep, pretty sure they are from their "Art of Tactic" series of kits.
      I still have Andy's Hetzer too lurking in the drawer.

  5. "I was quite pleased with the weathering", gawd most of us mere mortals would be over-joyed with results like yours. Top marks.


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