Friday, 28 November 2014

Afrika Korps - Wartime Miniatures 20mm

G'day all. Today I'm sharing some pictures of a recently completed painting/basing commission of the new Wartime Miniatures 20mm Afrika Korps (DAK).
I did take a bunch of photos of other stuff but they were pretty woeful photos, all blue and poorly lit, I shall have to try again and see what I can adjust to improve them. Maybe I should try taking photos outdoors in natural light? I don't have a light box or anything fancy and usually have to tweak the photos using software to get the colours right.

I have sought to give the DAK a 1943 faded kind of look which my customer was keen on - rather than the more olive, darker colours of the newly issued German tropical uniforms. There are also some differences of colouring to reflect the DAK use of scrounged materials, (e.g. Italian and British uniform items), and the varied way that dyed fabrics can fade in the sun.
Please bear in mind that these are less than perfect photos, I think they look better "in the hand".


  1. Nice work John! Your client will be very pleased when he gets these little men in his hands. :)


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