Tuesday, 11 November 2014

LRDG/SAS Part Three - finished!

Here are some photos of the final phase of the Long Range Desert Group/ SAS commission I have been working on. These are at the finished stage as my customer will do his own basing.
I have made a new desert/arid type hill and am trying it out for the first time in these pics.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Having seen the figures in the flesh I can vouch for them looking even better than the photos. Excellent stuff. I am thinking of doing an Italian desert force so I can give these chaps a bashing1

    1. Hi John, thanks for the kind words :-)
      Italians eh? I thought they were famous for retreating and surrendering? - I'm sure it's just a common misconception ;-)
      Will you be at Campbell Town Military thingy this year?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, the Artizan figures have loads of character and were fun to paint.

  3. Hi John
    I am referring to the Raggruppamento Sahariano AS”
    gotta love those vehicles
    only problem is I already have them in 15mm and 28mm is rather expensive - still one wouldn't do any harm now would it?
    Sorry to miss Campbell Town as have visitors staying....but Arnhem will be there bigger and better than ever.


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