Saturday, 23 May 2015

British Platoon For Sale - WW2 20mm

I'm selling off a whole British Platoon, fully painted & based.
All Plastic Soldier Company figures apart from three - two of which make up the 2 inch mortar team.
These are painted to a high standard and can be shipped anywhere in the world - buyer pays postage at cost.

Price: $180 Australian Dollars

That works out at only $5 per figure. Overseas buyers check the exchange rate of your currency against the Australian Dollar, and I think you'll find it a good deal, even with the extra for postage.
Payment via PayPal.

Here's some pictures:

You get three sections of ten men each (includes Bren & NCO with sten), plus the command unit of six which includes comms & 2" mortar.

I can be contacted via email at: jacksarge777 at gmail dot com
or PM me at The Guild :-)

I may have more stuff to sell off in the future.

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