Saturday, 2 May 2015

Knights, Archers & Heralds.....

I have been making progress on some more Curtey's Miniatures Medieval sets -still have loads of tournament knights to do yet.
Again, these are part of a commission, hence the unfinished basing as my customer prefers to do his own.
I feel that these photos don't really do them justice, and they always seem to look better in the hand.
The decals on the knights slow me down considerably as they seem to take copious amounts of decal softener before they will adhere to the contours - so lots of brushing, adjusting and then trying to get the right match between the decal colours and overall paintjob.

The archers were great fun to paint, nice one piece castings & quite characterful.

A slight sheen on these as they hadn't been dull-coated yet.


  1. Excellent job on these medieval units, love this yellow and your archers are great!

    1. Thanks Phil, I find yellow can be tricky to get right.


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