Monday, 23 November 2015

Great Podcasts to Listen to whilst painting

I'm sure we all have favourite things to listen to while painting. Some people prefer listening to music, but I tend to favour podcasts & audio books. Recently I've been listening to some old BBC radio comedy again - Dad's Army & The Goon Show- but I also listen to particular podcasts.
Here's some of my favourites:

The Anglo-Saxon Podcast (one of my favourite periods)

History of English Language (heaps of really great history content)

History of England (great general history, fun presenter)

The History Network (a plethora of periods, covering predominantly military themes. Including Ancient Warfare Magazine podcast - wish they did a Medieval one too.)

RPG Gamer Dad (a fun podcast for current or former RPGers - very cool if you want to get your youngsters into games)

Meeples & Miniatures (Very well known, plenty of interesting topics covered)

Wargaming Recon (Jonathan is very enthusiastic about his subject - I especially enjoy it when he has Henry Hyde on the show)

So there's some that I enjoy, what about you guys? Feel free to leave some links in the comments to podcasts that you think other wargamers might enjoy.

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