Saturday, 16 April 2016

Anglo-Saxons Rampant!

These days it's not very often I post pictures of stuff that is for my own collection, but today I'm going to - so there! :-)
For some reason I've been a bit reticent to post pictures of my 28mm Anglo-Saxon collection, I think I wanted to wait until I had some fancy terrain or something to pose them with or something. Anyway, these pictures are taken straight from the painting desk and represent a couple of figures I finished recently.
Just reviewing the personal hobby goals I recorded at the beginning of this year, it seems I am well underway to achieving them. Here's some of what I wrote on the 5th of January blog post:
For myself, I am keen to get hold of some terrain, buildings, civilians & animals to use in my Dark Age games. I have been eyeing off the resin buildings from Gripping Beast (they seem excellent value), as well as their ranges of civilians & livestock. I notice Warbases in the UK has some rather useful animals which would work too. Blacktree Designs also have some useful civilians. 
Well, I can tick a bunch of that stuff already - doesn't mean I've painted it all yet though :-)
I have two scratch-built dark age houses now, plus the resin Gripping Beast church building (unpainted as yet). I have a pack of Renedra wattle hurdle fencing to base & paint too. On the livestock side of things I have acquired sheep, pigs & highland cattle (Gripping Beast), plus a cool blister with chickens & a crafty fox (can't recall manufacturer)  - I have painted & based the sheep so far. Civilians? loads of 'em now :-) I picked up packs from Gripping Beast & Blacktree Designs (in one of their many sales). I have painted several of the civilians including some monks. The other day I picked up a nifty Roman ruin from a local pet shop - very appropriate for England in this era, I'll probably add some ivy to it. I still have quite a few Gripping Beast warriors to paint up yet (all metals), these include more archers & some slingers, plus I recently received 16 excellent figures from Saxon Miniatures - very nice figures indeed.
Rambling done, here's the pictures - (banner & shield decal from Little Big Men Studios):

All the very best,



  1. Great details, they look superb, love the expressive faces!

  2. Very very nice work! Love the blond hair.

    1. Cheers Rodger, yes I thought it would be appropriate to have a couple of fair-haired Anglo-Saxons.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul.
      Good luck with getting the super-glue & sawdust of those Fireflies ;-)

  4. lovely detail, as always

    1. Thanks Al.
      Did you get my email about the parcel I sent?

  5. Really very nice painting (and basing). cheers


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