Monday, 11 April 2016

Sneaking in some more Home Guard...

The current commission I'm doing is mostly Foundry Fallschirmjagers & other Germans, but my customer also slipped in some extra Home Guard figures to bring his force up to full strength. That last bunch of Dad's Army figures I did was for his collection, so I've had plenty of practice with these excellent Foundry figures :-)
Here they are on the workbench, all painted & on bases:

Here's what I'm working on today:

These are splendid Foundry sculpts of German officers & some underlings.

With regards to the plastic 1/72 figures I'm giving away, the WW2 stuff is all gone but there's still  bags full of Colonials & 7YW Prussians. I'll even throw in some painted & based Colonials - but be quick & send me an email at jacksarge777 at gmail dot com  - or someone else will get in before you :-)

All the best,


  1. Beautiful work on the HG fig's! I just need to do the bases of mine.

    1. Thanks mate. Cool, got any pics of your progress?

    2. Not yet. I will get some grass on them and then post some pics.


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