Monday, 15 August 2016

18th Century Sailors

Salty Sea Dogs! 28mm metal miniatures from North Star, one of the sets designed to be used with Osprey's "On the Seven Seas" rules. I recently finished two of these sets and some other 18th Century types which will appear in a future post.
I used a bronzed flesh triad on these figures to show that they had been out in the sun for a while. A fun thing about commissions is that I get to paint so many different kinds of figures from a variety of historical periods - always something new to learn in the process too.

I purchased and assembled a new paint rack from Ammo MiG recently. It holds 60 paints, and after some rearranging of my work space, has helped me get to my paints more efficiently - mind you I still have three plastic cases of colours which have to sit on the floor :-)

All the best,


  1. Love the different poses and the beautiful paintjob!

  2. oh, masterclass work! really love them!

    1. Very kind of you maestro! It would be great to do a hangout with you sometime to talk about painting & hobby in general.

    2. Yes, big apologies.Every time I go on the applications on my phone, shows the information that I have missed a call.

  3. They are awesome John. Love them!


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