Wednesday, 8 March 2017

An Old Wizard in a Wagon gets Transformed!

How's that for a catchy post title? :-)

This is a real "before and after" project. I picked up this miniature secondhand from a bloke on the Lead Adventure Forum. It's a classic old D&D type mini, not sure who made it, but I've seen similar ones around. I have given it a Dark Ages treatment, changing the Wizards pointy hat into a phrygian style cap, carving off excess decorative bits, giving him a greenstuff belly, and replacing the staff.

I couldn't find my "Before" picture on this computer, so I may put that up in a later post.

Here's the "After":

Still no internet at home....sigh

EDIT. 14th March.
Here's the "before" picture:

We now have internet at home, but a limit of 80GB, so we will need to be sparing with our usage. Priority will go to my son's university stuff. I will probably still head over to Dad's place to upload images.


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