Saturday, 23 June 2018

"Behind the Curtain..." :-)

Behind the curtain...... :-)
Pictures from my studio space.
 As you can see, nice bright corner with plenty of natural Antipodean light.
 Not enough room on the desk for all the paints with current storage solution - couple of boxes of Reaper paints on carpet next to desk.
 I use the largest Masterson's wet palette I could source locally - paint dries way too fast in summer here, plus this allows me to easily come back to project colours day by day.
 I also use an A4 sized disposable palette for inks, washes, metallics, gesso, pva etc.
I use a real assortment of brushes, from cheap & cheerful Chinese synthetics to Winsor & Newton Series 7. The blocking in is done with the round synthetics - as large a size as I can manage, which can be up to size 10. The flesh areas are done with the WN S7 size 1 & 0, I also use these for fine detailing in other parts of the figure. I always use the synthetics for metallic paints.

Sing out if you want to ask me any questions. I really like how each of us in the hobby has a different working space but share so much in common.

All the best,


  1. Really fascinating to see other people’s workshop or hobby area. I now see why my results are mediocre. Very nice set up and I love the light 😀

    1. I like seeing what other folks are up to in their hobby area too. Matt there is nothing mediocre about your stuff, I enjoy seeing your games & armies. Yes the light, sometimes it can be too bright & too hot to work in the summer months.


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