Thursday, 26 July 2018

18th Century Military Gentlemen...

These 18th century military gentlemen were painted as part of the Hessian commission - see previous post. The figures are 28mm metal from, I believe, Front Rank & Wargames Foundry. I have painted them to approximate as Hessian officers from the American War of Independence. They are characterful & perhaps more "chunky" than some figure ranges, but no less fun to paint. The figure with the "stick" had a slight casting fault down the face, so I turned this into fencing scar. I was particularly pleased with how the light coloured horse turned out. 

I am looking forward to receiving some samples from Crann Tara miniatures for my own 18th century Imagi-nations project. I have made some more jottings in my notebook about this, as well as some sketches.

In case anyone missed the pinned post on my Facebook page regarding my painting service, I'll put it here as well for completeness:

"I am booked up for 2018 with commissions.
Next year will most likely see a price increase. In addition I am looking at alternating between taking commissions and completing projects expressly to sell.
I have already been asked by customers about pencilling in dates for next year and will not be doing so until I am through the rest of 2018. I've found the last month or so a tad stressful, so I will need a wee breathing space at years end. I will let folks know if things change... :-)"

All the best,


  1. Excellent work - I quite like the pudgy fellow on top of the light horse as well.

  2. I like them a lot. If the figures are a little chunky I didn't notice; A good looking paint job can forgive more than a few sins. Looking at them makes me want to paint Napoleonics. Not really, I like the lively colours but feel constrained by accuracy. I would like to play an 18th or 19th century styled ImagiNation though. My gaming buddy would probably prefer middle age fantasy though. I'm happy either way.

    1. Thanks Gene. I know what you mean - I have no plans to paint horse & musket armies for myself, unless they be for Imagi-Nations - I can invent my own uniform accuracy for that :-)


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