Friday, 8 April 2011

Upgraded Axis & Allies vehicles

Axis & Allies miniatures was how I got back into WW2, a couple of friends introduced me to it. I liked the miniatures but thought I could re-paint them and then I started collecting Battlefront and Peter Pig stuff. Below are some images of my re-painted Axis & Allies vehicles, some of which have bits added including some metal figures. All are 1/100th or 15mm.

1/100th "House of Easement"- scratchbuilt for fun.
Apologies to those who prefer their vehicles super accurate, I guess the A&A stuff is a bit basic. I don't have an airbrush either so it's all handpainted- don't look too closely :)


  1. Splendid work, clearly Jacksarge your a master painter and craftsman.

    Red Rajah

  2. Some really nice stuff on your blog, these are pretty cool.


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