Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shermans Work In Progress Part Two

I have been doing some more work on my 1/72nd scale Italeri Fast Build Shermans and have taken a few pictures. I also got a bit carried away and did a repaint of an Easy Models pre-assembled/painted Sherman M4A1 76mm- attempting to turn it into a British Sherman IIa. Most of the vehicle markings are handpainted apart from the allied stars on the turret tops- I used the FoW website as a reference for the 8th AB markings & their positions on the tanks. All vehicles have had aerials added using a heavy gauge fishing line. The Sherman in the primer stage has had a lot more stowage applied, with a variety of boxes, tarps made from paper, a couple of wheels from another old kit, applique armour, blanket boxes, some miliput sand-bags and there's even a bucket from a Revell Nap Brit Artillery set. Just visible hanging off the blanket box on the painted tank is a British helmet and backpack which were cut off a spare infantry figure. I have included an image of what the Easy models tank looked like prior to painting (found on F&S Scale Models website). None of these models have been varnished yet. I shall post some more when all three are finished. Your comments are welcome.


  1. Top conversion and painting Jacksarge but beware of those paper tigers!

  2. Nice, they're not so bad with paint and stowage on.

  3. Thanks Dan, I have finished painting them all and hope to take some pictures on the weekend & post.

  4. Jacksarge, what stowage did you use?


  5. GReg- the boxes come from spares I had in Napoleonic 1/72 kits plus a couple I made out of balsa and plasticard, the tarps are made from paper tied with thread, sand bags from miliput, the bucket is from a Napoleonic artillery kit, the spare wheels came from a broken Airfix kit, and the applique armour is made from plasticard. Whatever I had laying about really.



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