Saturday, 7 May 2011

Finished the Shermans...

I was quite pleased with how the Italeri Fast Build Shermans turned out in the end and I have taken some pictures of the finished product. The figures in the pics are Italeri 1/72 British which I painted up for my son's collection & the house is the Italeri 1/72 Normandy Farmhouse. I have also included some pics of the re-paint of the pre-paint Easy Models 76mm Sherman- now painted up for the 1st Polish AB. I am thinking of getting one more Sherman III and a Sherman Firefly to fill out the squadron to support the infantry of the Wessex Wyverns. I am thinking of piling on even more stowage on my next Shermans.
 I have received my 2nd hand copy of Delaforce's book on  the Wessex Wyverns and have been finding it quite interesting, I have also made some other purchases, but more on those later. Enjoy the pictures:


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