Sunday, 15 May 2011

Some Purchases & WIP

I made a couple of purchases at a model shop in a town about an hour from here:
and from Maelstrom Games I ordered & received

I am quite pleased with these buys and have made a start on painting up a section of British infantry and assorted support troops. I will be mixing PSC, Revell & Italeri (used to be Esci) British- gives a mix of heights and equipment styles, adding a bit of character I think. The Churchill I bought because it's a classic British tank, even though I should be getting more Shermans for 8th AB. The PSC figures are quite nice really, even though the prone bren gunner was a nuisance to assemble- don't try it with superglue, you'll probably end up gluing your fingers together. I am really looking forward to the PSC Shermans when they come out- my hope is that they will make a decent Bren Gun Carrier too.
Here are some WIP shots of the infantry:
Revell, PSC and an Italeri PIAT,
Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 British ready for painting,
Italeri & PSC,
This is the PIAT figure from the Italeri set which incorrectly gives the weapon a bipod to rest on. I have cut this off and replaced it with a single support strut made from brass rod with a plasticard foot.
Here is the first section with basic colours blocked in,
and again
Here are some of the others underway. Revell set has a useful 2 inch mortar team which I have based on a washer rather than the base in the set. There is an officer at the back which is a Revell figure with a PSC head. I have stuck the PIAT on a washer with another figure which used to be an Italeri Bren Gunner- I swapped the Bren Gun for a rifle out of the PSC set.
I shall do a Part Two of the WIP when I've done a bit more with them. Your comments or questions are welcome.


  1. Hi Jack, nice, I bought the PSC Brits a couple of weeks ago, PSC could have been on a real winner here, their figures are pretty good, lots to a box, nice detail, hard plastic, but some funny poses and the lack of a neck (it seems to run through their whole line) spoil their otherwise good offerings, your mixed troops look good though.

  2. Hi, nice work. I'd like to base my models like you did, but I have no idea where i can get those bases.

  3. It would be nice if somebody can tell me what the bases are made off and where i can purchase them :) Thanks

    1. They are just metal washers purchased from a hardware store. Sometimes I cover over the holes with masking tape. I purchase a variety of sizes, but the most common ones are the infantry bases which are a small washer with a 1/4 inch hole.

    2. Thanks a lot :)


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