Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fallschirmjagers Part Two

I have completed some more of my Fallschirmjagers, this time quite a few of them have the Lufftwaffe Blue coats on. I've done a bit of chopping and changing again, taking a FJ head, the one with goggles on his helmet, and sticking it on a Revell German body using pin & glue method. I have also chopped quite a bit off a kneeling bloke with binoculars and stuck him in a shallow foxhole- the foxhole is a metal one out of a Command Decision 15mm FJ bag- he just fits in there.
Work has begun on the Pegasus SS set #2, however I am finding having to glue that soft sort of plastic a bit of a drag. The figures are nicely animated but fiddly- I should have resisted and picked up the Caesar Germans instead. I don't think I can bring myself to do peadot on them all, maybe spring Oak Leaf?
I have further increased my stocks of Vallejo paints with another order to Maelstrom Games, and am trialing the Vallejo Matt Varnish on some figures. I also placed a small order with Grubby Tanks for some splendid looking metal British to supplement my plastics- there's even a stretcher bearer team.

As always your comments & questions are welcome. Oh yeah, and thanks to all who have visited and bumped the blog over the 10,000 mark :) Enjoy.


  1. Lovely job there mate. Fantastic, in fact. Little eagle on the uniforms 'n all. Oh, to be half as clever!



  2. Hey JS, these are great, I really like the LW blue, and will be stealing some of your ideas,good work, thanks

  3. Cheers Dan & Nick.
    Dan I'd be happy for you to pinch ideas - I certainly take inspiration from your work. Did you notice Dan I'd trimmed back the oversized FG42s to give the impression of a rifle- the FG42s Italeri had sculpted were way out of scale, according to PSR 1.4m when they should've been 940mm.

  4. Yeah, looks much better, I can't wait to get into my FJs, but have to fight the urge, I have to many projects going on right now.

  5. Nice work, all my FJs have only a very basic paint scheme

  6. Just fantastic !!!! Very nice look !!!
    10,000 mark ! Congrats mate

  7. They do look rather good! Can't wait to see your take on the excellent Kelly's Heroes figs though.

  8. Looking really good, just finished mine.


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