Saturday, 16 July 2011

Italeri Fallschirmjagers plus my first 1/72 peadot camo

I seem to have been distracted by Germans and have been painting up the Italeri Fallschirmjagers as seen on Plastic Soldier Review here. This is not a bad set and seems perfectly suitable for NW Europe in '44, I will probably mix them in with other Germans to form a kampfgruppe. I also recently purchased the Pegasus Waffen SS set 2, as seen here. The SS are a bit smaller than the Italeri, but look a good match for my Revell Germans. The Italeri FJs have some problems with some of their weapons and occassionaly the sculpting isn't as clear as it could be, but there is a reasonable mix of poses and styles of uniform including the Lufftwaffe style shirt & the camo smock, helmets & field caps.
I have included some pictures of my first attempt at peadot camo in 1/72. I have gone for a fairly high contrast in the camo scheme which seems to look ok. The figure I used is from the Revell set with a head swap from the PSC British infantry set, just for fun.
I have some more Germans on the painting table, so stay tune for more Jerries.
The Panther seen in some of the photos is a pre-painted model, probably from Dragon, stuck that in there for interest.
Your comments are welcome.

Revell German, Before...
And After- with PSC Head!

These figures are painted using a pale grey undercoat, Vallejo & Derivan Minis colours for the paintjob, with Vallejo, Citadel & P3 washes, plus on some areas a Derivan Paynes Grey filter/wash. These particular figures have not been varnished yet. They are based on metal washers with sand , pva & static flock. I use about four different earthy tube acrylic clours for the bases.


  1. Those FJs look great JS, I will be doing this set soon myself, the pea dot is good to, well done.

  2. nice job an the camo your figures look great

  3. Hi Jack,

    Cheers for your offer. My email address is nick[hyphen]tracy[at]slingshot[dot]co[dot]nz


  4. Oh, and by the way, lovely job on your Fallshirmjager. Very, very nice. I've taken copies to inspire me for my own...

    How'd you do it?


  5. Great work on the FJ they look great!


  6. Fantastic work mate!!!
    Both the uniforms (FJ, Peadot) look lovely!

  7. Well painted, very accurate

  8. the FJ camo is spot on!


  9. Wow, glad I found this site, your work is first class.

    1. Thanks Ogilvie, glad you are enjoying it :)


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