Saturday, 30 July 2011

Some Pegasus SS & a stalwart sarge

Since my last post I have enjoyed a visit to the Red Rajah's where amongst other things we played a game of Napoleonic skirmish using paper figures from his collection and the Songs of Drums & Shakos rules. It was a near run thing, but in the end my my British line copped it from his French Voltiguers- still at least my riflemen took a couple down and beat a hasty retreat to fight another day.
The Kellys Heroes figures I ordered from Grubby Tanks arrived during the week and look most excellent. Andrew Grubb was most helpful and efficient. I have started getting them ready for painting and in the weeks to come hope to post the finished product on the blog.
As mentioned in my last post I have been working on the Pegasus SS set # 2. I found these figures to be a bit fiddly to glue together and quite challenging to paint. The figures are of a slimmer build than some makes of 1/72 and are highly detailed with most of them having separate spades which must be glued on, in addition to arms and other body parts. They do look nice when finished but have taken me considerably longer to complete when assembly time is taken into account- plus I'm not exactly a speed painter. I have put some shots of what I've done so far below. I have also included an Italeri British sarge which I had on the go at the same time, just for fun.
Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement. I have especially appreciated the inspiration I have had from Ben Fiene's blog  and Dan Dunbar's blog .
The stalwart sarge sends the SS running away 
Running this way...
and running that way!
The sarge and his tommy gun.


  1. Great work as always.

    I especially like the Sarge. I'm working on some of those at the momemt...though I doubt that I can give mine any stripes1

    Well done that man!


  2. Hey Sarg, they turned out very nice, is that Velajo Field grey on the pants? I used German uniform, but I think yours was a better choice, the camo looks very nice, great job, as for the glue, I had some trouble as well, I tried Revells contacta, but that didn't work very well and settled on super glue, it glued OK, but took a long time to set, this set was better to paint then the first, most of the first set were good but a couple were a little sticky after the undercoat was sprayed on. I like the dead soldier, I used mine in a dio.

  3. Oh and glad I provided some inspiration.

  4. Really nice work Sarg. I like the oakleaf camo, and nice work on the sarge's insignia. Can't wait to see more. Glad i could provide some inspiration as well.


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