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AAR- A Recce & some Wrecks- Normandy 1944

Huzzah, finally had a game with my friend the Red Rajah, and so I present to you my first official After Action Report.
We used a set of rules something like Frankensetin's monster- bits from here and there. First there was some very amusing character creation using Platoon Forward, then we adopted blinds like those used in IABSM & TW&T, for all the other stuff we used the reference sheet I downloaded for Kampfgruppe Normandy (I'm waiting for the real thing to arrive from UK), and some gentleman's agreements as to what seemed plausible.
The cast was as follows:


Lt Algy Farnsworth

Pltn Sgt Bert Bristow

Sgt Bob Abbotsford

Sgt Derek Perry

Sgt Eric “Chalky” White (Tank Commander)

Germans (Kampfgruppe Bosche):

Oberleutnant Hieronymous Bosche

Unteroffizier Hans Bratwurst

Obergefreiter Gotfried Fechner

 Obergefreiter Walter Hoffmann

Feldwebel Adolph Ostermann (Tank Commander)
This was the layout of the battlefield:

It included lots of hedgerows for cover, a hill, wooded bits, small orchard, marshy ground and a Normandy farmhouse.

Lt Farnsworth had been charged with doing a reconnaissance in force- to see what the Germans had in the area and then withdraw to call up reinforcements or artillery support if needed. He was supported by two Shermans & an Achilles Tank destroyer (model not quite finished but was rushed onto battlefield for much needed support), commanded by the inept "Chalky" White (as deemed by Platoon Forward character creation).
Here we see the blinds placed by the Germans and British. Each side has one blind for their armour, two for the rifle sections, one for platoon HQ section plus some spares to throw in the element of doubt:

The empty battlefield....what have those jerries got up their sleeves?

Lt Farnsworth sent Sgts Perry & Abbotsford’s sections up the left flank, the tanks probed up the road & Farnsworth moved up to the second hedgerow on the right flank. Lt Farnsworth thought it might be wise to avoid a frontal assault on the farmhouse, but had Bosche the German commander forseen this and laid a cunning ambush?
Chalky White thought it might be good to throw a bit of HE into the top story of the farmhouse in order to blast out any German MGs or snipers, but staying true to his character, both the Shermans failed to score a direct hit where it counted, and just sent showers of stonework and tiles all over the place.

According to the temprament check Sgt Perry was feeling reckless today and decided to dash to the top of the hill and lay down some supressing fire onto the enemy who he felt sure would be on the other side. They weren't. Now he had really drawn attention to himself.

Sgt Abbotsford's section, still concealed from the enemy, positioned themselves more sensibly at the base of the hill (see above).
Now it was Oberleutnant Hieronymous Bosche & his Unteroffizier Hans Bratwurst's turn to give the Tommies a surprise. German mortar rounds rained down on the exposed British section causing the loss of one of Perry's men.

At his next opportunity Sgt Perry withdrew from the exposed position of the hilltop and found cover near the hedges & trees to his rear. Meanwhile, Chalky White decided to swing his tanks off the road and attempt to provide some support to the infantry to his left.

Sgt Abbotsford, feeling encouraged by the supporting armour, decided to make a dash for the low lying marshy ground which would provide some concealment in its reedy depths. Chalky White drove his Shermans over the crest, leaving the Achilles on higher ground.

A clever flanking move? More like a cunning trap:

Concealed behind the farmhouse was Feldwebel Adolph Ostermann in his Tiger I (a man not well liked by his comrades owing to his obnoxious demeanour and cultural snobbishness). Bosche had also lined the hedgerow with not only his HQ squad but another squad. It looked like Sgt Abbotsford was in trouble and the game could be up for Chalky White.
The Tiger opened up on the nearest Sherman and amazingly failed to take it out! The jerries in the hedgerow sent a hail of lead into the marshy ground where Abbotsford's section were desparately trying to conceal themselves, resulting in one of his men copping a packet.
Now it was the Brits turn to give the jerries what for. The Achilles swung its turret in the direction of the Tiger and sent an AP round at it- it hit! Ostermann was ousted, much to his consternation (he actually survived). Shermans & Achilles then turned their MGs onto the Germans behind the hedgerow, resulting in.....nothing (actually I stuffed up the dice rolling because I misread the charts).

After this success things went badly wrong for Chalky White.
Bosche's veteran Panzerschreck man, let's call him Gunther, managed to take out two Shermans from his concealed position in the hedge. To make matters worse, Gunther's mate Stefan on the mortar, managed to land one right in the open turret of the Achilles. From victory to disaster in such a short time, Chalky won't be too popular with the lads for this one.

At least Sgt Abbotsford's men managed to extract themselves from the swamp and get safely behind the hill.

At this stage Lt Farnsworth decided that enough lives and equipment had been lost and a withdrawal was deemed appropriate. He had discovered a significant German force in the area and would be letting his Company Commander know that an artillery stonk could be helpful before further assaults are attempted.

The Germans still held the farmhouse too:

At least there was one less Tiger to worry about in Normandy-

Bosche considered nominating Gunther for the Iron Cross for his work with the Panzerschreck, and
Chalky White actaully managed to escape alive from his wrecked tank.

A great game was had by all, and I am looking forward to getting hold of the full ruleset for KGN.


  1. Spiffing debrief Old Bean.

    Cheers, Red Rajah.

  2. Brilliant! A very entertaining report there mate. Lovely, lovely minis too. And tanks. And scenery, for that matter.

    Well jolly done that man!


  3. Enjoyed the report and very nice photos.

  4. Great game, lovely models and terrain

  5. Really great looking game and figures.

  6. Fantastic work mate!
    The terrain, the figures, the game....well done!!!Very inspiring!!

  7. Sounds like a great game. Really good looking and told with character!


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