Saturday, 8 October 2011

Churchill III & KH Stretcher bearers

Finally another post. This time I have pictures of a recently completed Churchill III, an Italeri model (ex-Esci I think), plus a Kelly's Heroes British stretcher team- not a huge amount I know, but my output has been rather slow of late on the painting/modelling front. I have managed to read three WW2 history books since my last post, all centred around the Normandy campaign- very enjoyable.
With a birthday coming up and Warhammer Historical having a half price sale, I have ordered myself a copy of Kampfgruppe Normandy plus the decal sheet- so my wife will have something to give me :)
Even if I don't get many opportunities to play these rules I shall enjoy the pictures and reference material.

Now, about the pictures- the Churchill III has had little done to it out of the box apart from an aerial and some different markings- oh and of course the crew member who is from AB. I recently received my first bunch of AB miniatures for use as tank crews from Milicast- such lovely sculpting & enjoyable to paint.
The stretcher bearers and the wounded chap are splendid figures from Kelly's Heroes, I really like them even if I had a little trouble gluing them together.
Apologies for the colour saturation on some of the photos- I was experimenting with some of the settings on our little camera.


  1. Lovely work as always mate!


  2. Nice work sir. I really like the weathering on your Churchill. I have one of these on my plastic pile waiting to be built. If it comes out anything like yours I'll be very happy.... and amazed!

  3. Very nice, that stretcher team looks really cool.

  4. Thanks you blokes.
    Hey Dan, I've been working on that Armourfast Achilles you sent me, have detailled it a bit but can't bring myself to super detail the interior, although I have a picture of yours for reference.

  5. Hi JS, I was happy with my detailing job, but I really need to repaint it, not happy at all with that paint job. If you stick a crew in it, they will cover most of the detail, just build a simple breach, and some ammo storage should be all you need.


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