Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Some "Rats" for Tobruk...

G'day all,

today some "Rats of Tobruk" from Wartime Miniatures. I painted these for a commission, and now the customer has received them I am able to show you the pictures. Quite different from painting the usual Battledress Brown as the North African uniforms are quite light and sun-bleached. I didn't have a desert to photograph them in so have used some gravel and a nice bright sky background.
I hope you like them, I certainly enjoyed painting them.







  1. They mix incredibly well with your desert background. Good job!

    1. Thanks FF. Perhaps a little too well, they may need something to provide a bit more contrast methinks.

  2. They look the bees knees. So effective I'm struggling to see them against the desert background! Can I ask what colours you used? I have some airfix eighth army just begging for some paint and I'm always happy to steal, sorry, borrow, ideas!

    1. Glad you liked the Alan - perhaps I should have photographed them on a plain white sheet? Hmmm.
      Colours? OK here they are in Vallejo:
      Helmet- Dark Sand 847 or Khaki if helmet has a cover.
      Khaki Drill Uniform- Iraqi Sand
      Webbing- Stone Grey 884 or German Camo Beige
      Socks- Green Brown
      Gaiters- Stone Grey
      Boots- Black Grey for British, Flat Brown for Australians
      Water Bottle- English Uniform
      Aussie Slouch Hat- Green Brown with a touch of Russian Uniform
      Flesh- Make it a bit more tanned than you normally would
      Block in these colours, use your wash like you normally would, then go back over with the same colours to tidy up and highlight.
      I hope this helps :-)

    2. Oops noticed a spelling mistake- should be "Glad you liked them Alan.."
      One thing about the boots, they should probably have a generous coating of dust, you could probably do this when painting the groundwork on the base.

    3. Thanks for the run down, that'll be a great help. Every guide I've seen seems to suggest Iraqi Sand, so it looks like a trip to the shops for more paint is in order.

      No need to reach for the white sheet yet, the mini dioramas are great!

    4. They look great John, cant beat that hat :)

    5. G'day Shane, thanks mate :-)

  3. Camouflage - it works! Very nice figures indeed.


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