Friday, 25 March 2011

Conversions of 1/72 Napoleonics

Just thought I'd put up a couple of images of a Napoleonic conversion. I have been messing about with the blog a bit because I have injured my thumb and cannot do much painting at the moment.
Here he is:

Wurttemberg King's Chasseur
This particular figure is a conversion from Revell 1/72 British Guard Cavalry. Firstly it is a paint conversion, but I have also replaced the rear blanket roll with a miliput one and constructed a saddle cloth of the appropriate shape from paper. Here is another shot:
My point of reference was an illustration from Histoire et Collections lovely full-colour hardback on the battle of Borodino. These other pictures are a paint only conversion. They are from the Zvezda French Light Infantry set and have been painted as Italian light infantry.
These are really beautiful sculpts with so much excellent detail. I have metal and plastic figures in my collection but I have to admit that plastics such as these are far superior in terms of detail when compared to many metal ranges.
Whilst I am prevented from painting I will try and keep my camera busy.......


  1. Excellent work, I've got more than enough Napoleonic finished, but looking at these makes me want to add more!

    I hope your thumb gets better soon

  2. Wow! I've considered doing conversions like yours with paper saddlecloths but have always given up before starting as I thought it'd be too difficult. Your pictures give me inspiration! Would you consider a posting a tutorial on how you do a conversion like that?

    I second your comments on Zvezda figures; I've just finished a battalion of their grenadiers painted as Italian guard.

    I enjoy seeing figures I have painted up by others.

    Lovely work!

  3. Very good conversions and painting. I see from earlier posts you include the old Airfix guys...good on ya.


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