Wednesday, 23 March 2011

War of Spanish Succession in 6mm and other stuff...

Back again with another riveting post.
 I am still working on the 10mm Austrians but have also been doing a bit of brushwork on my WSS French, can you spot the tiny fellows on the plastic containers in this shot of the painting table?
I thought I might post a few shots of the 6mm Baccus WSS which I have already completed as well.

British WSS Baccus 6mm
Again, apologies for the quality of the camrea work. I know not everyone likes static flock with this scale, but I'm quite happy with their general appearance. Some more:

"But the detail gets lost when you step back" some critics might say-- ah yes but I know it's there and I enjoyed painting it...
I have started work on my second unit of French line, here's the first:

Must have had the flash on for these...
I do like these little guys, Pete Berry of Baccus has done some really cool stuff, don't think I'd like to paint in this scale all the time though.
Whilst in the 18th century train of thought, I have recently read volume 1 & 2 of Wargaming in History by Charles Grant & Phil Olley and found the books really enjoyable. The pictures are very inspiring although I could not find the room for playing with 28mm figures on a table of that size here, there are still plenty of great ideas to be gleaned.
I'm thinking a WW2 photo session may be in order soon, and perhaps painting up some more of son of jacksarge's Airfix US Paras for fun.
I have been thinking of getting rid of my 1/72 Napoleonics (some examples pictured below) probably just for trade, let me know if anyone is interested.


  1. Impressive! I am working on a Almansa battle project, with 28mm Factory Games figs. Thanks for sharing!


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