Monday, 28 March 2011

The washes arrive...

Hooray, the Vallejo washes set arrived from Maelstrom Games today. I'm looking forward to trying them out if my thumb settles down, I have been putting an ice-pack on it for 15 minutes a day plus have been taking anti-inflamatories. Bit hard not to use your thumb if much of your work involves pen pushing, mouse clicking and keyboarding- I did have a break from playing the drums on the weekend however.
I have just downloaded the PDFof Battlegames issue 25 and am looking forward to having a read - it's my favourite wargames magazine, Henry Hyde does a great job.
It's been great to read some of the encouraging comments people have put up here and on TMP about the stuff on the blog- thanks.
I have been giving some more thought to WW2 in 1/72 (20mm) and have been trawling PSR to see which figures look best. I would be happy to mix plastics and metals, and already have a few Revell Germans painted up, plus I have painted up a few for son of jacksarge's collection. I used to have heaps of 1/72 WW2 stuff as a lad and enjoyed building armour kits- bit of nostalgia about this scale I guess.
If I can part with my 1/72 Napoleonic stuff I may consider doing Napoleonics with Baccus 6mm, I used to have some of the old Heoics & Ros Napoleonics but sold them on.
Here's a couple of my Revell Germans:
Revell 1/72 WW2 German MG Team

German Hood
"YooHoo Britischer Schweinhunds, over here" said Herman waving vigorously.

Erwin & Kurt line up some Tommies.

More soon.


  1. Very well painted. One of my favourite WWII germans sets.

  2. Great stuff! It's been a while since I last painted this set... Love your 6mm stuff as well!


  3. And I'll put your blog in my favourites!
    Great work mate!!!


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