Sunday, 5 August 2012

WIP Blitzkreig Miniatures Staghound

Thought you might like to see where I am up to with the Staghound that I received from Blitzkrieg Miniatures . I have done most of the paintwork but am waiting for some decals from Dom's Decals before I complete the weathering side of things.
I don't think 8th AB or 43rd Wessex had any of these, but I'm sure they would have encountered them in some of their operations, so I will just put on generic decals rather than unit specific ones. I have added some stowage, which I think was from Sgts Mess, & a metal mg. The tyres/wheels have had weathering pigment added to them- European Dust from MiG.

Enjoy the pictures:


  1. Lovely work so far John, I think the Staghound rocks!

    1. Thanks Paul- I quite like the solid Staghound, a very sturdy armoured car.


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