Sunday, 26 August 2012

Figure Painting Tutorial Part Two

Figure Painting Tutorial Part Two

Back again with the second part of my thoughts about figure painting. Like I said in part one, treat it like a picnic table with an assortment of stuff on it- please take what you would like and leave what doesn't gel with you. Enjoy. :)

Painting skin:

In the first part of the tutorial I put on the base layer for the skin and the wash layer- face & hands- now I'll talk about what I do next with that.
Here is the combination of paints I use in the process of painting human skin:

I picked the Reaper Master Series Bright Skin triad last year in Melbourne & have been really happy with how it has performed. It gives a bright appearance like the name suggests, which I think is ideal for getting a decent contrast for these little figures. The order you see in the picture is the order in which I apply them.
After applying the wash layer & allowing it to dry, I work back over with Bright Skin using a fine brush, making sure I leave remnants of the darker colours in creases & recesses. After this layer dries I do a final highlight with Bright Skin Highlight. Using a very fine brush I apply highlights to tip of the nose, upper part of cheek bones, sometimes to the forehead if the figure doesn't have a hat, knuckles of the hand & on upper surfaces of the outer parts of the hand. Here are a series of pictures to help illustrate my descriptions:

Happy to answer your questions and comments. :)


  1. Very fine work there John. And a very steady hand!

    I'm using a dark flesh, brown wash and light skin tone highlight myself - though my results don't look anywhere near as flash as yours! Do you use a magnifying glass?

  2. No magnifying glass my friend, I do however wear glasses for reading and close-up work, it also helps to have a good light.
    I have some pretty small brushes at my disposal, like 5/0, 10/0 & 20/0 - useful for those fine details.
    I hope you've recovered from the lurgi that you were suffering with last week?

    1. Yeah, almost. Still a bit washed out though. But I have managed to get the camo coats and decals on the Pz IVs, now just gotta paint the 111 and 112 into 711 and 712 respectively before washing and highlighting.

      I'd forgotten how I enjoy pottering around with toys!

      All work and all that...

  3. Nice work John.
    A very thorough work...well deserved the effort.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thankyou Thanos, I'm glad you thought it was useful.


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