Monday, 1 February 2016

Dad's Army WIP Part 12...getting closer

The twelfth part thereof, in which we see the Home Guard and German Aircrew edge ever closer to their final painted state.

The German Aircrew are wearing uniforms that are a mix of the Khaki Grey flight suits, leather jackets, and Luftwaffe Blue gear. The blues are built up from a darker blue grey like Paynes Grey and will receive a final highlight of Vallejo Field Blue. The Khaki Grey will be highlighted with Vallejo Middlestone, which can be further lightened by mixing in an ivory colour. The black leather is not highlighted with a straight grey, but with a dark brown like Vallejo Black Brown, which gets mixed with some grey for final highlights. Anyway, that will be visible in later photos.

 Here they are with all the flesh areas done and basic colours being blocked back in again. I save the fine details like eyes and selective "lining in" for the very end.

Hopefully you can make out the Dad's Army personalities that are in the front.

Once painting is all done there will be Dullcoating, and I was thinking of perhaps putting a coat of acrylic satin varnish on the phone box to make it shiny.

All the very best,



  1. Coming along nicely John! The personalities are looking great!

    1. Hi Rodger,
      thanks mate. All painting has been finished now, just need some decent weather to spray dullcoat outdoors- looks like more rain today.


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