Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dad's Army....Final Installment

This is my last installment of Dad's Army pictures from the recent project I completed. Finally, the main characters of the Walmington on Sea Home Guard make their appearance :

L to R Godfrey, Sgt Wilson, Cpt Mainwaring, Lnc Cpl Jones, Private Pike, Walker, and Frazer

On the far right is Captain Square

I hope people have enjoyed the pictures and the WIP stuff. If anyone has any questions feel free to "fire away".

I suspect my next post will also be WW2 related, but not British. 

All the best,


  1. Really enjoyed all the figures John! I didn't get this set either as I already have the Warlord set. Brilliant work all round.

  2. Nicely done, captain Mainwaring would be proud.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! As others have said, I wish they would bring out a German U-Boat crew. And I wonder if they do some of the other cast, like Hodges the Warden, the Verger, Mrs. Fox and others? Really well done with these, superb.

    1. Hi Stephen. Thanks for the kind words. Go back through my previous posts and you will see those characters you mention & more. Unfortunately they didn't make a U-Boat crew though.


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