Friday, 15 January 2016

Dad's Army Rides Again!

At the moment I'm finishing some moderns in 20 & 28mm, but in the next week I hope to start a Dad's Army project for a fellow Aussie. Those who are regular readers will know that I have done a Dad's Army project before - see HERE. This time I get to revisit those lovely Wargames Foundry sculpts, but with an added bonus of some packs that I haven't painted before: Home Guard on Bicycles & Downed German Aircrew.

Here's the first shots of them in their box:

Here's a close up of the two packs that will be new to me:

I shall try and accompany my painting with listening to some Dad's Army audios - although this can be a bit tricky when the whole family is at home for school holidays and might want to listen/watch something else. My painting area is in a corner of our living room, so I have to be accommodating to my wife & two teens.

For this project I would like to keep a record of my progress, so may be posting some "work in progress" shots & comments- which might prove useful for others who are in the throes of a similar project.

All the best,



  1. Lots of stuff to play with John. Don't forget painting their white hair. :)
    Have fun! :)

    1. Hi Thanos :-)
      Yes, there will be a few grey heads amongst them.

  2. Really looking forward to this project. I am about to start painting up the same stuff(when it arrives). I will be keeping a close eye what you do here!

    1. Cheers Rodger.
      Thanks for that, it will hopefully help me be more diligent in taking pictures & posting if I know that you are "keeping a close eye". :-)


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