Friday, 29 January 2016

Dad's Army WIP Part 10...Some Painted, Some Prepared, and an Anglo-Saxon

G'day all,

I have stopped painting this afternoon because my hand is hurting and I don't want RSI. I didn't get any painting in this morning due to doctor's appointment and family visitors - still got some hours in this arvo before hand pain & will hopefully get some more work done Saturday.

Below are the Home Guard Bicyclists and civilians, with all their paintwork done - the Vicar even has his comb over. Hello! there's a stray Anglo-Saxon that has slipped into the left of the picture - a Dad's Army time travel episode perhaps? They've really "jumped the shark now" :-)

Below you can see the rest of our personalities and the downed German Aircrew on their painting stands. Ahhh, that Anglo-Saxon fellow has made himself scarce it seems, perhaps the limelight was too much for our friend from the "Dark Ages".

All the best to you,



  1. I hope the hand is on the mend John. What you have got done looks great. The Saxon looked great too until he scarpered!

    1. The hand feels OK this morning, might get a wee bit done today.
      One day I will actually photograph some of my Anglo-Saxons....
      Thanks Rodger.


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