Monday, 25 January 2016

Dad's Army WIP Part 6...webbing and other details

I've finished painting "Molotov" Bob and his chums now, below are some pictures of them - the only extra thing I've done since these were photographed was to paint their bases an earthy brown to tidy them up.

All the webbing has been painted back over with the original colour, leaving selected areas with the wash colour showing through. The service respirator bag has had an extra highlight by mixing the original colour with an ivory or pale flesh colour. The boots and bayonet scabbard have been highlighted with a dark grey. The rifle has been touched up with Mahogany Brown, a bit of Oily Steel mixed with black, and a leather colour on the rifle sling . The bottle has been highlighted with a variety of greens. I have painted the eyes and spectacles on the figures and mixed some grey with the hair colour.

Lots more to follow... :-)

All the best,



  1. Awesome again! I have got to a point where I look forward to my daily fix of Home Guard goodness. Really looking forward to getting stuck into mine now. Next month if all goes to plan!

    1. Mate, you know the right things to say to cheer a wargamers heart :-) I shall endeavour to keep on posting. Just undercoated a bunch of blokes on bicycles plus some of the civilian personalities this arvo.

  2. Very, very nice. Love the Molitov!

    1. Hehe, watch out Jerry here comes Bob with his Molotov!


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