Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dad's Army WIP Part 5...Painting British Battledress

Here's how I paint British Battledress. This is over the base I created with Vallejo English Uniform, washed with Secret Weapon Blue Black. I know other folks will have combinations of colours that they like, but these are the colours that I have found work best for me:

Vallejo English Uniform, Green Brown, and Khaki.
English Uniform is painted back over the figure, leaving the wash/foundation layer in the creases and where shadows are more likely.
First layer is English Uniform.
 Next I use Green Brown for a highlight on areas that would be more exposed to light that is roughly overhead. This is demonstrated on the back of the figure below.

Green Brown over English Uniform
 The final highlight is Khaki, applied to areas that would get the most light - knees, tops of arms, cap, etc.
Khaki Highlight -front

Khaki highlight -back

The next post will show this set of figures with all the details painted up, including eyes, webbing, weapons, and "Molotov" Bob's bottle :-)

Thanks to those who have left comments so far, always great to know that others find this stuff useful.

There will be no post tomorrow, hope to be back with another on Monday.


  1. Cracking progress on these guys. Very helpful again!

  2. Very nice John. I like that third highlight, it's like the icing on the cake.

    1. Yeah the third one makes it "pop" a bit, the second one is more subtle.
      When I've finished the whole project I'll take some "proper" photos, which
      should give a better idea of the overall effect.

  3. Really good stuff, and very useful. I keep toying with doing a Dad's Army project and this really lays the ground work for me.


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