Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Pippin the Paint Puppy....Plans, Ponderings & Ramblings

Pippin the puppy has joined Sarge HQ! - she is a Maltese-Shitzu cross, and in the picture above you can see her fallen asleep on the foam padding of one of my Reaper paint cases. A promising sign from young Pippin, although I may have to get her started with something simpler at first, like undercoating figures. Pippin and I will be spending a lot of time in each others company, for although she is my wife's puppy officially, I will be at home with her the most, painting away :-) I hope she likes listening to Meeples & Miniatures & Wargaming Recon when they appear with new episodes for 2016.

I managed to get a wargame in on New Years Day with my old friend James, you can read his AAR here:
It was a fun game of Lion Rampant set in the Dark Ages with my Anglo-Saxons against his Vikings - great fun was had, even though I lost :)
I did a wee bit more painting for myself during the Christmas/NY break, getting some more of my Anglo-Saxons done. Thankfully I had plenty of fully painted troops ready to do battle against James.

I notice lots of my fellow wargamers are talking about their hobby plans for 2016 & reflecting back on 2015, so I thought I'd make some brief jottings of my own...

  • 2015 - Enjoyed painting lots of figures for other folks, as well as some of my own - would've like to have done more, but my health started to pack it in towards the back end of the year. Started some new medications, got new doctors, and am making progress....somewhere in a forward direction I hope :)
  • 2016 - Looking forward to painting more stuff for other folks, as well as slowly building my own collections. I am really enjoying painting some absolutely outstanding sculpts for my friend Barrie, they are stonkingly good Huron & Iroquois from the very talented Bob Murch - check them out if you can, the range is called "Flint & Feather". I have just today completed my first half dozen of them (pictures will follow in due course). You can look forward to seeing some more Modern and WW2 subjects being painted too.
  • For myself, I am keen to get hold of some terrain, buildings, civilians & animals to use in my Dark Age games. I have been eyeing off the resin buildings from Gripping Beast (they seem excellent value), as well as their ranges of civilians & livestock. I notice Warbases in the UK has some rather useful animals which would work too. Blacktree Designs also have some useful civilians. I'm open to suggestions from you guys for what else I should/could get for my Dark Age shenanigans. I wonder if anyone does a suitable Grendel for a Beowulf game, not sure what it looks like really? 
  • A new set of rules on the horizon for small Dark Age games is Blood Eagle, by the gents who produced "In Her Majesties Name". I've never played any games from their particular "stable", but after a bit of digging, these rules sound like another fun way of putting my Anglo-saxons to good use.Will have to wait and see.
  • Other news, I have finally got around to signing up for The Lead Adventure Forum after being a long time lurker, and what an interesting place it is. Quite a useful place for someone like me who tends to paint more than he games.

I could easily ramble some more, but will pause for now & leave you with another photo of Pip.



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